Oh, I was thirsty.


lie on the floor. go on.
i'll pour it down your throat.
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actually my life motto right there ahaha

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Ksymena Borczyńska, City of Wires series, 2014, images posted with the permission of the artist.

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In bed breakfast by (黑貓小子)

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Kendal Murray: Plant Sculptures


Photocopies of hands found in a book.

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Share A Coke With An Old Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years And The More You Think About It You Slowly Realize That You Can’t Remember Their Face As Clearly and You’ve Forgotten The Sound of Their Voice And The Phone Number You Have For Them Doesn’t Work Anymore and You Realize That The People From Your Past Are Becoming Harder To Visualize Like Trying To Remember A Dream After You Wake Up

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